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  • Tool coating technology

    Tool coating technology

    15 Jan 2018

    A relatively soft tool substrate coated with one or more layers of hard and wear-resistant metal or nonmetallic compounds (such as TiAlN, TiC, TiN, Al2O3, etc.) and the formation of coating tools, cutting tools A revolution in development. Compared w...

  • Interpretation of Gear Errors

    Interpretation of Gear Errors

    08 Jan 2018

    1. Tooth shape error: (fp) The sum of the positive side error and the negative side error within the scope of the tooth profile measured in the vertical direction based on the actual involute of the intersection of the actual profile and the pitch ci...

  • Hobbing cutter cutting conditions

    Hobbing cutter cutting conditions

    02 Jan 2018

      For the cutting speed, feed rate (take the knife speed) and the relationship between hob wear, generally have: (1) In order to reduce the consumption of hob friction, cutting speed will be slower. But the cutting feed is too small but not good; (2)...

  • Defect - fish scales

    Defect - fish scales

    25 Dec 2017

    The reason Extrusion billet improper heat treatment, including quenched and tempered steel after processing more common Countermeasures   1) As appropriate, control the hardness of quenched and tempered   2) It is recommended to use normalizing as th...

  • Tooth surface defects ---Vibration

    Tooth surface defects ---Vibration

    18 Dec 2017

    The reason: Due to vibration   1) a large transmission gap within the machine   2) workpiece and hob clamping rigidity is not enough   3) the choice of cutting capacity is too large   4) After the bracket is installed, the gap is large Countermeasure...

  • Tooth surface defects - eating teeth

    Tooth surface defects - eating teeth

    11 Dec 2017

    The reason Due to the hob and the tooth blanks the location of each other a sudden change caused   1) Column triangular guide is too loose, resulting in sudden changes in hob feed Column triangular rail is too tight, causing the phenomenon of crawlin...