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Brief Introduction of Paper Cutter

Update:23 Mar 2017

The size of the paper cutting machine varies, usually a […]

The size of the paper cutting machine varies, usually about 30 cm on each side, the office workload is 841 mm. The surface usually has a grid or engraved on it, usually in half an inch increments, and can have a ruler at the top. At the very least, it must have a flat edge, and the user can align the paper to the paper before placing it under the blade. The paper cutter is usually relatively heavy, so it can remain stable when we use it.

On the right edge is a long, curved steel blade, usually called a knife, attached to the base in a corner. The larger version has a powerful compression coil spring as part of the connecting mechanism, and when the knife is pulled down to cut the paper, the knife pulls the knife toward the fixed edge. The other end of the knife unit is the handle. The fixed right edge of the base is also steel, with exposed fine grinding edges. When the knife is pulled down to cut the paper, its role is similar to a pair of scissors, rather than relative to each other to move the two knives, one is still. The combination of blades mounted on a stable base produces a clean and straight cut, which will require a ruler and razor blade on a page. Cutters are also used to cut sheets, cardboard and plastic. The blade on the cutter is made of steel and is almost impossible to break.

The variant design uses a wheeled blade mounted on a sliding hook attached to the track. This type of cutter is called a rotary cutter. The advantages of this design include the ability to use a variety of circular blades for wave cutting, perforation or only paper cutting. In addition to changing the blade, the user is almost impossible to cut himself. This makes home use safer. The high-end version of the rotary paper cutter is used for precision cutting and is widely used for cutting photos.