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Characteristics of Round Blade Production

Update:13 Sep 2017

    Round blade in various fields now has been widely u […]

    Round blade in various fields now has been widely used, but the quality of the round blade on the market is mixed with many users with no confusion, the following for some round blade production characteristics of the processing and selection of some of the precautions.
   Regardless of the size of the round blade or what material of the round blade, in the processing of cutting with the time, must bear the high-speed rotation of the cutting machine to bring the force of the circular blade. A good round blade must have a strong wear resistance and sharpness to adapt and be cut the friction of the object force, at the same time have a certain impact resistance, while also in the high-speed rotation and to prevent contact with the object The situation of cracking. A good material of the round blade to meet the basic characteristics of a few:
   1, hardness
   Under normal circumstances, the better the material, the higher the hardness of quenching. If the ordinary material quenching to a very high hardness, then destroy the toughness of the round blade, causing the situation of blade cracking. So the hardness of circular blade must be determined according to material. The hardness of the round blade should be much greater than the hardness of the cut material, usually for the heat treatment quenching interval HRC55-64 °.
   2, wear resistance
   The wear resistance of the blade is proportional to the hardness, round blade selection of the better material, the higher the hardness, then the better the wear resistance.
   3. Heat resistance
   Heat resistance refers to the steel in the high-speed high-temperature environment is still to maintain hardness, toughness, strength and wear resistance and other properties, usually with steel hardness to measure the quality of round blade, red hardness of the material can withstand the cutting speed The higher the higher.
   4. stability
   Stability refers to the extent that the crystal of the material of the slitter blade is changed when the blade is heat-treated. At present, the heat treatment of the cutting blade has the characteristics of vacuum quenching, salt bath quenching, electric furnace quenching and so on. Different quenching methods have great influence on the stability of the blade material.