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How to extend the life of a circular blade

Update:09 Oct 2017

   How does a round blade use long life? Regardless of […]

   How does a round blade use long life? Regardless of the round blade plan, or what material is made into a round blade, the manufacturer should supply the cutting rate and the initial value of the feed per tooth.
   It is assumed that machining of the round blade will cause damage to the round blade. The milling is also the same, assuming that the chip can not be discharged from the bottom of the tank in time, the chip will be kneaded, after the round blade will be damaged. In short, when milling the superalloy, these conditions are unlucky for round blade life. Assuming that the slowing feed rate can be extended to extend the number of round blades, then the ambition confirms that this concept is faulty. The typical example is that when cutting the first knife, you will find the information is very hard.
   Assuming that the feedrate is reduced (for example, the feed per tooth of the indexable cutter is reduced to 0.025 to 0.5 mm), the round blade cutting edge will violently collide the workpiece with the result that the round blade is quickly or immediately damaged. Conflict can cause the workpiece surface hardening, in order to prevent hardening work, cut the first knife should adhere to the necessary cutting load (0.15 ~ 0.2mm / per tooth feed). Cutting depth depends on a variety of factors, such as round blade planning, round blade height, fixture rigidity, total tool length, machine horsepower and so on. But when the tool's rear and front angle of 5 ° ~ 11 ° positive, the most suitable for processing viscosity.