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How to extend the life of Rubber Knife

Update:20 Apr 2018

In order to reduce the cost of slitting blades to a max […]

In order to reduce the cost of slitting blades to a maximum extent, reduce the cutting cost per knife, and improve the production efficiency of the workshops, the following usage recommendations for practical conditions are expected to be observed:

1, the new saw blade test run:
In order to guarantee a long service life, there is ample running-in process between the slitting machine and the new slitting blade (cutting blade after a new change or each grinding), and the feed rate is reduced within 10 minutes of the beginning of cutting. Often needed. The next 10 minutes will gradually accelerate the speed;

2, cutting and feeding speed:

The cutting speed is determined by the section and toughness of the data to be cut. With regard to plastics, such as hard-to-cut, high-toughness data, the slower speed will help to improve the service life of the cutting blades. When the data section is small, the mechanical speed can be properly improved;

3, accurate real-time grinding cutting blade:

In the course of operation of the saw blade, due to the effect of the external force, the tooth pitch, deflection, and stress of the saw blade have undergone a change, so that the saw road becomes large; the appearance is rough and the saw blade and the like are seen; A timely grinding blade, in order to cut the blade angle from new progress, will improve the results of the use of slitting blades;

4. When you look at the sawdust, you can determine the current cutting pattern of the slitter blade.