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How to improve the durability of turning tools

Update:03 Jul 2017

    In addition to the blade coated cutting fluid, ther […]

    In addition to the blade coated cutting fluid, there is a new process for cutting off the heat return circuit. As everyone knows, in the process of metal cutting and chip deformation due to friction, so that the cutting area had a high temperature, at the same time as the tool and the workpiece of different materials, a thermocouple poles caused thermal electromotive force, the DC current heat. Thermoelectric flow can easily intensify the oxidation of the working surface of the tool and accelerate the wear of the tool. Under certain conditions, a thermal electromotive force is also generated in the contact area between the tool and the machine tool, the contact area between the workpiece and the machine tool, and the friction pairs of the machine tool itself. During the cutting process, there is also a thermal magnetic effect and an electromagnetic effect. In the high temperature contact zone, the surface will also produce electron emission - discharge phenomenon.
In recent years, domestic and international science and technology researchers show that the heat caused by thermoelectric current generated in the cutting process and other factors, the two heat current is to form a loop through the machine tool workpiece tool system -- -- --. At the same time, there is a local thermal current in the tool - workpiece limited contact area cycle, and therefore exacerbated the tool wear. So, to improve the cutting performance and improve tool life in addition to the above basic way, can also adopt a new approach -- and the strengthening of thermoelectric tool wear flow effect to fight, which cut off the hot current loop.