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  • Tooth surface defects - eating teeth

    Tooth surface defects - eating teeth

    11 Dec 2017

    The reason Due to the hob and the tooth blanks the location of each other a sudden change caused   1) Column triangular guide is too loose, resulting in sudden changes in hob feed Column triangular rail is too tight, causing the phenomenon of crawlin...

  • Tooth surface defects ---- tearing

    Tooth surface defects ---- tearing

    04 Dec 2017

    The reason  1) Uneven gear material   2) Tooth billet heat treatment improper method   3) The choice of cutting the amount of unreasonable and BUE generated   4) Cutting fluid is not high efficiency   5) Hob with blunt, not sharp   Countermeasures 1)...

  • Pitch error accumulated error over tolerance

    Pitch error accumulated error over tolerance

    27 Nov 2017

    Hobbing machine table per revolution turn uneven maximum error is too large The reason:   1) Indexing worm gear transmission accuracy error   2) Table radial runout and face beating large   3) Sub-tooth exchange wheel meshing too loose or bump phenom...

  • Torsional error tolerance

    Torsional error tolerance

    20 Nov 2017

    Hob vertical feed direction and gear box bore axis direction deviation too much. When machining helical gears, there is additional movement is not correct (1) For machine tools and fixtures: a: column triangle rail and table axis is not parallel b: T...

  • Tooth angle is wrong

    Tooth angle is wrong

    13 Nov 2017

    The reason:   1) Hob  angle error is too large.   2) Hob grinding, the radial error of the front blade surface.   3) Hob mounting angle error. Countermeasures:  1) reasonable choice hob accuracy.   2) control hob grinding quality.   3) Re-adjust the ...

  • Blade finishing

    Blade finishing

    06 Nov 2017

    The finishing steps are:    1 that the blade has been grinding good (no spark), then do not give feed, let the knife reciprocate a few trips on their own, the number of trips depending on the length of the blade, short stroke less.    2. Remove the b...