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Notes for Paper cutting knife

Update:05 Jun 2017

(1) cutter material of cutter blade;http://www.iks-sh.c […]

(1) cutter material of cutter blade;
A single cutter blade is made of high cutting edge and tool body at high temperature. The blade is made of high speed steel, and the cutter body is made of low carbon steel. The hardness of the blade of the cutter determines the durability, the quality of the cutter blade, and the hardness HRC58~60 after heat treatment.
(2) grinding angle of cutter blade;
The single cutter blade is single edged blade, blade grinding blade angle at the angle of 19 DEG ~23 deg. The grinding edge of the shape causes the bevel angle of the blade to bear the pressure of the edge of the paper during cutting, and the blade of the blade is quickly abraded.
The double edge blade has good abrasion resistance, and the grinding edge can reduce the load of the cutting machine and improve the precision of the paper cutting. In the case of cutter blade excellent material, considering the shear cutting paper size, grinding blade angle to angle should be less than 19 DEG ~23 deg.
(3) the quality of the blade of the paper cutter
In the grinding edge, the higher the finish of grinding, the smaller the cutting resistance, the longer the service life of the cutter blade, the better the cutting quality.
(4) the type of paper cutting machine
In the cutting process of paper cutting machine, the speed of blade edge passivation of cutter blade is related to paper cutting soft and hard. When the paper cutting machine is hard and hard and has large ash content, the blade is passivated fast, especially cutting various kinds of coated paper with a high number of grams.
The above is the use effect and life of the cutter blade, in the use of automatic paper cutting machine, CNC (Computerized Numerical Control )cutting machine, program-controlled cutting machine and other paper cutting machine, pay attention to work skills, can improve the cutting machine blade use efficiency and service life.