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Round plating of the blade - the difference between galvanized, chrome and titanium

Update:25 Sep 2017

  The commonly used materials for cutting round blades […]

  The commonly used materials for cutting round blades are high speed steel and die steels. In some food industries, round blades need to be rustproof, and these two materials are not as fast as the demand for knives in the food industry. Stainless steel round blade because of low hardness, poor wear resistance is not suitable for use in the food tool industry. Thus, the electroplating process for high-speed steel round blades and die steel round blades has been produced - galvanized, chrome plated and titanium plated.
As a metal plating, although these three kinds of metal plating elements have rust-proof function, but the difference between the characteristics and price. First to talk about the galvanized round blade, galvanized blade color is not good, but in these three kinds of plating elements in the strongest anti-rust coating, if the coating cracks or defects, because the electrochemical effect of zinc can greatly prevent the metal rust. The disadvantage is that the hardness of zinc is low, not suitable for circular blade cutting friction operation, galvanized in the three kinds of plating the lowest price.
Chrome round blade surface showing bright white, good anti-rust performance, wear resistance is the best of the three kinds of plating. The drawback of a chrome round blade is that once the chrome layer is cracked or defective, the electrochemical effect of chromium causes the crack to become more easily rusted.
Titanium round blade surface is very nice, after the oxidation showed a very beautiful golden yellow, slightly lower than the hardness of chromium wear resistance is also better. The disadvantage is the high cost, round blade titanium is also less, mechanical knives in the single-axis shredder blade titanium more, but often used as single-shaft shredder blade exports.
Comprehensive consideration, the general food industry, more than the choice of food chopper chrome round blade for more chrome blade both the hardness of both wear resistance, by a better anti-rust ability, the cost is so good is the preferred choice for plating round blade.