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Rubber Knife angle knowledge

Update:04 May 2018

In general shaving, the theoretical shaft intersection […]

In general shaving, the theoretical shaft intersection angle is between 10 degrees and 15 degrees. The actual operation is not necessarily adjusted according to a nominal angle. Although a small amount of change does not theoretically affect the conjugate conditions during shaving, However, a significant change in the position of the tooth surface contact line will occur.

When shaving, the intersection angle of the shaft should be adjusted to minimize the center distance between the shaving cutter and the gear. At this time, the shaving cutter is in an optimal state. The contact lines of the left and right teeth of the cutter are all moved to the middle position and the width of the shaving cutter is required to be the smallest. . The offset of the optimal shaft intersection angle will cause the tooth surface contact line to move toward both ends, and the contact lines at the left and right ends will be misaligned, and the unbalanced shaving force will cause shaved teeth to be in a very unfavorable condition. If it is severely relocated, it is possible to form an edge contact that will seriously damage the gear quality and even cutters.

The old and new razors are equivalent to differently displaced gears. For example, the position of the contact line on the tooth surface at the nominal shaft angle will be different when shaved teeth. After the position change, the tool will not be optimal. Therefore, in the case of a large amount of tool displacement can not use the nominal shaft angle, should be adjusted. The effect of straight teeth is relatively small. Practice has shown that the minimum center-to-center distance between the tool and the gear is the optimum shaft angle.