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Tool maintenance method

Update:21 Aug 2017

    The tool should have a relatively good manufacturin […]

    The tool should have a relatively good manufacturing, there is the quality of the blade itself is good enough, so the blade is easier to maintain, can be more durable, the company blade features:
(1) trimming clean and tidy, will not form a flash
(2) cutting speed compared to domestic blade speed higher
(3) less chips
(4) blade replacement less, more productive than domestic blades, our lutz blade has a more excellent features, so that you in product quality
    There is a higher assurance:
(1) the use of carbon steel, stainless steel, high-performance front steel (HSS) tool steel, carbide and ceramic materials such as the best material manufacturing.
(2) hardness is optimized.
(3) comply with the most stringent tolerances.
(4) coated with a selection of high-performance coating.
    Knife oil. By tradition, tea seed oil should be used. And the actual life, the tea seed oil is difficult to obtain; with sewing machine oil smell unpleasant taste on the knife is difficult to accept; ordinary rapeseed oil can not be used, can only speed up the knife oxidation process. In fact, the use of general mechanical butter or good quality oil can be very good to achieve maintenance purposes. I am currently using the American prisoners of mechanical lubricants, its superior quality, and without any smell, the effect is absolutely not under the sewing machine oil, after all, as a mechanical bore lubrication use, more suitable for use in steel objects.
   Knife powder. Knife powder is nothing more than the effect of tampons plus polished. Tradition should be the use of exquisite powder of deer or powder. At present, want to find the above two different people seem unrealistic, and the price will be a lot of money. In fact, the use of industrial talcum powder can be completely replaced, but the texture must be delicate.
  Disassembly of the nail. Bought a knife, want to demolition is sure. But in the absence of specialized tools, would like to remove the sharp blade from the knife, it is a difficult task. Initially, I was painful to remove the staples. Because there is no professional tools, to find a screwdriver to withstand, and then hammer knock. As a result, the head was knocked in a mess or no loosening. Later, whim, with a flat head of the screw (longer, and the diameter is less than the head nails), gently knock, nail smoothly out, and no damage. Later, the number of times to take more, head began to loose. You will be able to use bamboo chopsticks polished through the target hole (not too loose), cut into a suitable length, is a set of spare parts.