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Torsional error tolerance

Update:20 Nov 2017

Hob vertical feed direction and gear box bore axis dire […]

Hob vertical feed direction and gear box bore axis direction deviation too much. When machining helical gears, there is additional movement is not correct
(1) For machine tools and fixtures:
a: column triangle rail and table axis is not parallel
b: Table end beating big
c: up and down the top not the same axis
d: dividing worm gear meshing gap
e: There is a periodic error in the transmission of the indexing worm gear pair
f: Vertical feed screw pitch error
g: points teeth, differential exchange gear error
(2) related to the workpiece:
a: the two ends of the blank are not parallel
b: the workpiece positioning hole and the end face is not vertical Focus on the control of machine geometry and the correct installation of the workpiece,
The following paragraph 4) 5) 6) 7), the main application of helical gears
   (1) For machine tools and fixtures:
1) Repair column precision, control machine tool thermal deformation
2) Repair table rotation accuracy
3) After the repair of the column or the accuracy of the thimble
4) Reasonably adjust the meshing gap of indexing worm gear pair
5) Repair indexing worm gear parts accuracy.
6) Vertical feed screw due to the use of wear and tear accuracy is not reached, should be promptly replaced
7) should control the differential exchange gear calculation error
   (2)Related to the workpiece:
1) control the tooth ends of two parallelities error
2) Control the vertical alignment of the hole and the end face of the blank