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Ways to increase Peeling Knife

Update:22 Jun 2018

With regard to tool life, it usually depends on differe […]

With regard to tool life, it usually depends on different workpieces and tool materials, as well as different cutting processes. One way to quantify the end of tool life is to set an acceptable maximum flank wear limit (in VB or VBmax). The tool life can be expressed by Taylor's formula of the expected tool life, ie, VcTn=C. A more common form of this formula is VcTn×Dxfy=C where Vc is the cutting speed; T is the tool life; D is the cutting depth; f For feed rates; x and y are experimentally determined; n and C are constants determined from experimental or published technical data, which represent the characteristics of the tool material, workpiece, and feedrate.
The ever-evolving tool base, coating and cutting edge preparation techniques are critical to limit tool wear and resist high cutting temperatures. These factors, plus the chipbreaker and corner arc radius used on indexable inserts, determine the suitability of each tool for different workpieces and cutting operations. The best combination of all of these elements can extend tool life and make machining more economical and reliable.