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When the disc blade is in use

Update:20 Sep 2017

   Disc blade in the production process of the most wid […]

   Disc blade in the production process of the most widely used one of the types of tools, the basic production workshop in the enterprise will be exposed to the safe operation of the round blade is very important.
In the use of discs before the operation to seriously check to see if the parts are normal, and do not use alone to prevent the blade pop-up wounding events;
According to the provisions of the thickness of the shear plate, adjust the circular blade scissors gap. Not allowed to cut at the same time two different specifications, different materials of sheet metal;
Cut the sheet material requires a smooth surface, not allowed to cut the narrow sheet can not be pressed;
The disc blade operator's fingers should be kept at a distance of at least 200 mm away from the clamping device.
After the operation of the waste generated angular, the operator should be promptly removed to prevent being stabbed, cut.
The above is the basic safety of the disk blade to pay attention to the main points. The safe operation of the disc blade has a very important role in industrial production and efficiency improvement, so the operator must master the knowledge to prevent unnecessary losses and for their own safety.