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Superhard tools are considered to be the most promising tool for increasing productivity at present

Update:04 Aug 2016

With the precision machinery and difficult to process m […]

With the precision machinery and difficult to process materials gradually increased, so that the application of super-hard tool gradually wide. Superhard cutting tools with high cutting characteristics, longer service life and good quality of the workpiece and so on. The first start as long as the process for laser processing, but with the continuous research in recent years, researchers have improved the production process of artificial superhard cutting tool to control the purity of raw materials and grain size, using the material and hot pressing process, So that super-hard tool gradually applied to the semi-finishing and roughing process, is internationally recognized as the most productive tool to improve the contemporary one of the materials.

Because of the high price of natural diamond, most of the diamond tools used in the process are PCD, PCBN, and they are mainly used in the manufacture of diamond tools, such as polycrystalline diamond (PCD), polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) Of the composite material.

The earliest in the 50's, the United States on the use of synthetic diamond powder and artificial CBN powder in the high temperature, high pressure, catalyst and the role of sintering under the binding of large size polycrystalline block as a tool material. China's superhard cutting tool research and application began in the 1970s, and in 1970 in Guiyang built China's first superhard materials and products of professional production plant - the sixth wheel factory. By 1997 China's annual output of synthetic diamond has reached 500 million karats, CBN annual output of 8 million karats, leaping to the world's super-hard material production power of the first.

Diamond has very high hardness and wear resistance, is the hardest material in the tool material, and non-ferrous metal affinity, the chip has been out, high thermal conductivity, cutting is not easy to produce BUE, processing surface quality. Non-ferrous materials can be effectively processed non-metallic materials such as copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals and their alloys, ceramics, plastics, rubber and so on.

It is certainly asked diamond and cubic boron nitride performance is almost equal, will not cause conflict? Answer is not, because although the hardness of diamond, high wear resistance, but poor toughness, poor thermal stability, the temperature reached 700 ℃ - 800 ℃ easy to carbonize, not suitable for processing iron and steel materials (ferrous metal materials). The cubic boron nitride on the contrary, it is only hardness and diamond, but the thermal stability, and can be in the normal state of high temperature processing (1250 ℃ -1350 ℃), the iron group of chemical inertia, anti-adhesive ability. More suitable for processing a variety of high hardness steel materials, such as hardened steel gears, bearings, cast iron rollers, pumps and other difficult to process materials.

The use of super-hard tool processing of iron and steel materials, non-ferrous metal materials and other components, the cutting speed higher than the carbide cutting tool an order of magnitude, and tool life is a few times the carbide cutting tool. At the same time the use of super-hard tool can be car on behalf of the mill, or milling on behalf of the mill can be rough, finishing a common knife, a process can be completed, shorten the process and improve production efficiency.

Such as Valin Superhard as a professional research and development of super-hard cubic boron nitride tool manufacturers, have their own scientific research personnel and technical team, through continuous research and practice for the field of ferrous metals to provide efficient high-quality tool products. BN-S30 grade (high hardness cast steel and high hardness heat treatment steel field), BN-S30 grade (gray cast iron field), BN-S20 grade (high hardness cast iron field), BN-S20 grade (high hardness cast steel and high hardness heat treatment steel field). The three grades of their raw materials of different purity and grain size, processing areas are also different. But in their respective fields have a high visibility. Not only can be efficient processing of the workpiece, and tool life is high, high hardness and difficult to process materials required for high-speed cutting the ideal tool is the machinery manufacturing industry's right-hand man.

As a kind of advanced cutting tools, superhard cutting tools have a good application prospect in the market. Diamond tools and cubic boron nitride tools to a certain extent complementary to each other, the effective solution difficult to process materials. And with the continuous development of modern technology and new materials difficult to increase processing, will promote the further development of superhard cutting tools.